Aol IM File Transfer Problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by weazel, May 21, 2002.

  1. weazel

    weazel Guest

    I have recently got a netgear router rt314 i got everything set up and working great. i got my ftp working and everything that i need for file sharing and all that. But for some reason i can get aol instant messanger to send files out or recieve any files over the internet to friends and family. i have pissed with it for a couple of days now changing ports from 21 to 80 and even to odd ball ones . What the hell do i have to do. Someone out there had to run into this problem too!

    Please help me with this if you can thanks

    your friendly Weazel
  2. Tbird94sc

    Tbird94sc Guest

    are the people you are sending to behind a router too? i have the same prob if i try to send thru a router on my end to my friend thru his router.
    always works if only one of us is using a router. and it dosnt matter if its netgear linksys smc, ive found that as long as two routers are involved it wont go

    sorry i dont have a better answer but ive been tinkering with it on and off for 2 years

    try email!

  3. dijital

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    note: dont try transferring large files over aim. they lag the hell out of my system sometimes causing aim to freeze.
  4. weazel

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    Yes! Everyone i know has a router now and they are all running into this same thing? The only way i found so far to transfer files thats works ok is to send them through msn messanger. dont know why that one works but aol dont ?
  5. Grinder714

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    But using MS messanger, have to tell it to use HTTP proxy, port 80.....and it works great.

    I tried same thing with IM and it didnt work.....

    So whatever the problem is seems to be exclusive to IM....

  6. Grinder714

    Grinder714 Guest

    For Large .bin/.cue ect...ftp is the way to go ;)

    But for sending pics to someone or small programs/files, IM is da shit.:p

    Thats why It is going to aggrevate me till I/We figure this out.....

  7. dijital

    dijital Guest

    i know i'm just sharing my past experiences. personally, i dont use ftps because i dont want them on all the time. i just send larger files either through irc or icq.
  8. weazel

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    were are all the aim people at ?why haven,t they fixed it yet?
    aim is just like useing an ftp and i can get the ftp to work! i dont understand why aim doesn't work using port 21 or web port 80 should go right through