AOL Browser 1.0.4234.89

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    AOL Browser is a stand-alone browser featuring tabbed browsing, thumbnail tab popups, and many more special features

    What's New in This Release:

    · Middle Mouse wheel now supports opening and closing tabs on click
    · New tabbed browsing features, including:
    · Warning when closing browser window that contains multiple open tabs
    · Background loading of tabs preference
    · Drag and drop functionality enabled on the tab layer. Open tabs can now be reordered via drag and drop.
    · Tools ->Power Browsing menu has been reordered with flyouts
    · Restore Defaults function has been added to all settings tabs in the Tools->Settings menu
    · New Sign On touch point in the Menu layer
    · New Startup folder included in AOL Browser favorites folder. Load sites in separate tabs at startup
    · New Panel Chooser now available under AOL Browser Settings menu to customize left hand slideout panels.
    · New Search Quick Access Panel on hover over magnifying glass search icon on navigation layer.

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    Man I am off to get this beast .. I sure hope it don't support html, that would mean that AOL is actually going with the times (Yes that was sarcasm) ....