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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tibboh, May 1, 2004.

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    Preston England
    Just found out the 'free' modem that I will be getting with the AOL ADSL package is a BT Voyager, which is USB. I know that the easier solution would be to buy a combined modem/router, but I'm such a tight git I would like to get hold of a router (for now) that is compatible wth the USB Modem.

    Any (printable) suggestions out there?
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    I've never seen a router with a USB WAN port. When you get the modem, say you dont have a free USB port to use and hopefully they will send you a real one with ethernet.

    Why AOL :confused:
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    USB isnt made for that stuff (internet connectons, networking), so you probably wont find a router with a USB WAN port. If it does its either a print server router or a USB to connect to a comp for access (Ive seen one). Just notify AOL and request a ethernet one.
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    Hi Guys..

    I tried that with AOL, all they would say is "that is the modem we supply of course you can buy your own one to your own specifications if you so desire". So I would advise you to go buy a Modem/Router and you can always keep your USB one as a spare to cover for breakdown ect.
    They are not all hundreds of pounds, I just bought one for about £60 from PC World, it is a Zoom X5 and is a Modem + Gateway + Router + Firewall + 4 Way Port Switch. It also includes not one , but two phone line filters for using the phone while on the net. It is fairly easy to set up and a good instruction manual for helping those who are new to setting up these devices.

    The USB modem lets you access Broadband for one pc, however you have to log on to aol to have the modem work, while the Modem/Router is loaded with your password and user name which means the router is connected to boradband 24/7. With htis you can even surf the net without logging on to AOL although you will need to do so if you want to check your mail, unless of course you do it through on IE.

    Go for the Modem/Router, you wont regret it..

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    Did you ask if it was compatible with your system?

    They don't work properly on SiS, intel or via chipsets.

    Good luck I had to buy a PC adsl modem , the one they sent me don't work on my intel chipset. I recommend a zoom pci modem btw. £50 from PC world.

    I see someone payed £60 you got ripped off I paid £50 6 months ago.
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    There is no other service provider cheaper in the UK. When you weigh up the pros and the cons, trust and the such, AOL wins hands down.

    Yes I ve seen freeserve prices, they don't allow cheaper unlimited bandwidth.
    BT the same, Tiscali I won't trust, the other also rans with the mentioned except AOL charge a small packet to use tech support.

    If AOL got rid of their dumb software then they would take over the UK , with free tech support.

    I won't change thread no more, if you can make a pros n cons poll for UK adsl access. I am not bright enough to do it myself.
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    My Zoom works on all my pc's,, both Intel and VIA and not had any problem.... The PCI you bought for £50 is a bit expensive as far as a PCI goes, you can pick a PCI broadband modem locally for £25 although it would be no good, plus the £60 i payed is for a modem/router ect ect,,, thee are many types of Zoom modems, X3, X4, and X5, the X5 being the best as it is a 4 port....

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    Dude I was talking in respect to the chipsets being incompatible with via, SiS and intel chipsets for usb modem the bt voyager 100.

    This is something AOL don't tell you when you order their broadband service.

    Dude if you had read the opening of the thread then you would know that I refering to a usb modem, then you would know the bt voyager is only usb.
  9. Tavant

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    Hi, I've tried to set up a Zoom X5 with my AOL DSL connection without success. Cam anyone point me to a step-by-step installation guide?
  10. Lee

    Lee OSNN Proxy information on .pdf there or their homepage under support.

    Wondering if you can stick up what problems you have as my zoom when i installed it after reboot didn't then install further files after shut down, had to reset and on next boot it started to do it. I also had to get to the folder named PCI DSL Wizard in zoom via program files and run the wizard, selecting my country then inserting the zoom disk to install other files and drivers needed. Stick up as I said before a detailed list of what it's doing.

    Forgot to ask will now, are you trying to use aol 9 on a zoom modem?
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    Just install the software first then reboot, next you plug the X5 zoom modem into the phone socket, then the powerpack,,, then using the RJ45 plugs on a preferable Cat6 cable plug it into your router/modem and your pc, turn on X5 power and you will see it connect with yout LAN card, Should run no problem...

  12. farmerdan1

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    Further to my note,, the zoom X5 works no problem with AOL9.