anyone trued the Belkin n50 Speedpad?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by wrangler, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. wrangler

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    I picked one up today, it actually does feel incredibly comfortable to use, instead of the keyboard for games like FPS etc, but the programming and loadouts seems a bit troubling to get assigned ones to work...andyone else using it???:rolleyes:
  2. existenz

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    haven't even heard of it :p
  3. wrangler

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  4. Jestermask

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    Colorado, USA
    Well, I've had it for about a week. Love it. ;) Easy to program, easy to use, gives my hand a lot less strain. :)
  5. harmont

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    speedpad woes

    I bought one several weeks ago. Wish I could tell you If I like it but ever since I installed it, I constantly get an error every time I load the Editor. I cannot get anything to work. I have uninstalled it twice with no luck. Having a tough time getting tech support.
  6. wrangler

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    have you downloaded the 2.2 drivers? you need those to run on XP
  7. harmont

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    thanks wrangler...but yes, The 2.2 is loaded and it is still happening............updated..... I fixed it... I fixed it.... How small I feel... but I fixed it ...