Anyone knows good program to extract audio form flash movies?

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by osos, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. osos

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    hi,friends, I got some funny flash movies,and want to extract audio from them to save in my mp3 player. Is this just a dream? anyone knows good program to extract audio from flash movies?
  2. Aprox

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    California, USA
    It's not a dream at all, I've done this many many times before.

    There are multiple routes on how to do this, the easiest is to get yourself a flash decompiler and simply extract the audio from the .swf. Most decompilers are payware, but also have demos. If you looking for just one or two pieces of audio the demos should work just fine for what you need.
  3. mengla

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    hi, Aprox is right, it's not a dream. I often use iwisoft swf to mp3 converter to get mp3 or wma audio from flash files. I enjoy doing this. Maybe you can have a try.:)