Anyone know how to use remote desktop efficiently?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Punkrulz, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. Punkrulz

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    Can someone please tell me specifically how I set up my computer for remote desktop use so I can connect from work, from setting up the users, what information I need, ports, etc. I appreciate it! :)
  2. Perris Calderon

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    I haven't read all of the links enyo provided, sp jmust incase, you will also need to review your services, as far as which you have disabled
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    I use it alot. if you are using a router just go into and find port forwarding and type in 3389 (some router require a start and end port so type it in for both of them) and the type in the ip of the computer you wish to remote connect to. If you are running a server edition of ms product it will log you in and a user can still use the computer at the same time you are logged in. If you are using like Windows XP Pro (since windows XP home does not support remote logon) It will log the current user out. Provided they allow you. I normally lock my computer before I head off to work and then remote connect to it when it is slow and cue up some stuff to download. I have seen if the computer is currently logged on. It will prompt the user currently logged on if you would like to allow them to remote connect. If so it will either lock the screen or log the current user out. If you are trying to do tech support for a person remotly I would suggust remote administor ( pc anywhere(
    Just trying to help
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    I use it cos my server has no mouse, keyboard or monitor just power cord and ethernet is all that is plugged into it, it runs terminal services automatically :p , gonna put it in my attic in my new house just leave it running, might even get it on wireless :)

  5. Scott31

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    Is there any way to remotly connect to XP HOME Edition? I have a Linksys router and tried VNC and no luck. I even opened the port and I still couldn't connect. Any ideas?
  6. Scott31

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    Yes...I tried RealVNC. What is radmin and where do I find it? By the way, just to double check, what port do I have to open for Real VNC?
  7. Scott31

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    Great!! I'll give it a shot. Thanks.
  8. 5900 = VNCViewer
    5800 = Any browser supporting Java

    Although the ports can be customized. If you go the VNC route and need to be able to transfer files check out UltraVNC. Has several other cool features as well. TightVNC is pretty nice too but they're only now starting to work on File transfers and RealVNC doesn't include file transfers at all.

    BTW VNC works great with XP Home. I'm working on a XP Home computer right now and its 2,000+ miles away from me! :D
  9. Scott31

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    I opened the above port numbers (5800-5900) on my router and still no luck. I get the error message "Failed to connect to server." My computer is on and firewalls disabled. Why does this keep happening?
  10. Scott31

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    No it doesn't.
  11. Scott31

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    I'll check when I get to that computer and let you know. I'm at work right now trying to connect to that computer.
  12. Scott31

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    I ran "netstat -an" and there was an IP listening on that port but it was all 0's.
  13. Scott31

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    No...because my coworkers are using VNC to connect to their home computer just fine. Also, I disabled all the firewalls on my computer temporarily to test connection.
  14. Un4gIvEn1

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    Guess I will put in my two cents.

    You have to make sure to set a password. The security on most of the VNC servers do not allow you to connect with blank passwords. Also, are you trying to connect using the Java client through a web browser? Because... That runs on a separate port. Good Luck!
  15. Scott31

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    I already set the password when the install ran. I will try to disable the Java viewer when I get home and see if that works. Thanks.
  16. Scott31

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    Yes...I can ping my home system.
  17. SPeedY_B

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    Could be the problem, I've done that before, tried connecting to http://ip:5800 about five times before realising that the display number needed to be added aswell.

    VNC is great though, I even used to used it off a 56k line from college :D
  18. Scott31

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    Doesn't work. Get "Page cannot be displayed."
  19. Scott31

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    Disabled the java viewer and still can't connect. I have a Linksys router and under the "Forwarding" tab I have "Customized Applications" =VNC, "Ext. Port" = 5800 to 5900, I have "Protocol TCP" and "Protocol UDP" checked, "IP Address" = the IP the VNC server is running on and "Enabled" is checked. Is this all the right settings to enable the ports? If it is, could there be a service that needs to be running that I could check to make sure it is running? Please help, this is really getting to be frustrating. Thank you to everyone that offered their advice so far on this. I would really like to figure out why I can't connect.
  20. Scott31

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    Do I want "Protocol UDP" checked?