Anyone else own a pb i connect 1300

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by peter180758, Jun 14, 2002.

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    Having a few problems with my computer and I'm wondering if anyone else with a Packard Bell i connect 1300 is experiencing the same, namely:- Enabling UDMA (tried it on 3 different O/S's), Trying to install a 3D Prophet 4000XT card installs but disables AGP texturing and Direct 3D will not pass test in DX diagnostic.

    If anyone has these same sort of probs on an i connect 1300 I would like to hear from them especially if they have any solutions.

    I think there is a problem with their mobo/bios not supporting UDMA.

    Awaiting any replies.

    Peter :(
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    Sometimes you just have to upgrade the bios on your mobo. What chip set is your mobo? via? How old is the video card? How old are the drivers for the mobo chip set? Sometimes you have to make sure all previous drivers for that video card are completely uninstalled. To were the pc ask for the disk when you boot up instead of installing one. Go into control panel select add remove software and select the driver and uninstall it. Reboot your pc and it should ask for install disk. If it does not, uninstall the driver again through control panel. When all drivers are removed and computer ask for install cd thats when your computer is ready for new driver to be installed. This way you have no bugs or settings from older drivers in with your new one.
    I can only guess without more info on your pc whats wrong.
    One other question, Was xp installed with this hardware in? If not sometimes the only way to fix it is to do another reinstall or upgrade install with the video card plugged in. The only draw back to this is all your xp updates and patches will have to be redownloaded. Only do this as last thing when nothing else works.
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    Thanks for your reply ikester,

    I've already downloaded & installed latest BIOS upgrade from PBell site. (it's a gigabyte board GA-6wmm7 with an AMI bios although Gigabytes site shows it with an award bios).

    The chipset is an intel 810 (with latest drivers)

    No previous vid card (mobo onboard graphics)

    I removed the intel 810 from display adapters in device manager and the inf file from windows/inf folder before installing card.

    Card installed after XP

    I've actually been in touch with Packard Bell by phone and they have tried to enable UDMA on the same machine and they couldn't do it either, and have no intentions of upgrading their BIOS again at this moment.

    What I'm trying to find out is if anyone else with the same machine is having the same problems, as the specs tell me that the chipset supports up to DMA66 and the hard drive is 20 GB UDMA (Quantum Fireball Lct 15) but I still can't enable UDMA on Win ME, Win 98, or Win XP.

    It seems to me that the board doesn't like anything remotely fast being plugged into it.

    Peter. still:confused:
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    Here's a couple of suggestions. Theres a program you can download called x-setup. It has were you can enable dma in the registry manually, So you can enable it in your device manager.
    Here's were you can download it:
    In this program go to hardware then open hard disk and then Windows 2k/xp udma.
    You will get a warning about changing this setting, just click ok.
    Theres a box in there that says enable udma/66. Check the box and click apply. Then reboot. The x-teg web site is currently down.
    You can get x-setup program from zdnet, c-net, major geeks. It's free! And has no spy ware in it.

    Also you can get a pci card that lets you hook up hard drives to it. I was in Best Buy and seen them. These cards will except ata 133 speed and 100/66. It automatically detects speed of your hard drive. Comes with the driver for the pci card and is xp compatible. This will bypass your chipset and allow you to enable dma for your hard drive. It may even be faster than the on board ide. The card cost around fifty bucks.

    Also if you have your cdrom hooked to the same cable as your hard drive, sometime this can cause problems.
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    Disable the inboard graphics card, I'm pretty sure that board has a Celeron chip on it, I had a machine like that at the begining of the year running as a little server. There should be a jumper on the motherboard to disable the onboard graphics card.

    Firstly to enable UDA you need to go into your bios, theres a setting for it in there somewhere. However if you have a CD Drive slaved ot the hard drive them you'll lose all performance of UDMA 33/66/100/133 as the hdd will run at the speed of the slowest drive, in this case the CD Rom drive which wil either be PIO mode for, or the slower PIO mode 3.