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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by cwalker2734, Jul 27, 2003.

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    Below in my sig is my rig specs. After looing at everyone elses 3dmark scores Im thinking I should be around 15000.

    I'm using 44.72 Detonator drivers, DirectX 9.0b, ive lowered my RAM Cas to 2.0, hell Ive even run it at 166x13.5=2250. Basically 50 hz over normal clock speed. The best 3d score I can pull is 12800.

    If anyone has any ideas as to why I am so lame Im all ears.

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    what are your setings in control panel ?

    consider moving slider to performance/place AA and AF settings to 0 and re-bench...

    your score should be significantly higher...

    fyi... you should consider benching using 3dmark03 to see your cards true worth :)

    it is more gpu dependent and it tests dx9 feature set performance as well...

    your setup should easily score around 4500/5000 in 3dmark03 @ balanced settings in control panel/without AA and AF...
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    the AA and AF are set to 0. I scored 5000 on 3dmark3, Im just frustrated with the lame score on 3dmark1
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    Like Sazar said, 3dMark03 is where you really want your score to be higher. But don't really put too much emphasis on these synthetic benchmarks, it's game play that makes the difference. I personally only use these benchmarks to show relative performance increases on my machine if I update drivers, hardware, BIOS settings, etc. But I understand that you feel you should have a higher score since your hardware seems to be pretty good.

    Have you installed the chipset drivers for your mobo? Is your vsync set to "off"? (although I think you may need some reg tweak to be able to set that option, but not sure.)