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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by icerabbit007, Dec 29, 2001.

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    :confused: I have a question for you. For my work I fix computers. Lately a lot of computers are infected with a virus. Under win9x I use f-prot for dos to delete the virus (in this way I don't have to install antivirussoftware). For win2k ore XP I use norton (the cd-rom is bootable). Is there a way to use the latest anti-virus software without installing software on a computer? I don't know if I can thrust norton because I can't upgrade the virusdefinitions when I use it.
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    There are a couple of Internet sites available that will do scans for you over the internet, but it will still load some software on the machine.

    I suggest biting the bullet and purchasing multiple copies of a GOOD anti-virus program to install on your client(s) computers. In this day and age you're asking for big trouble NOT having this software installed, unless you really like disinfecting and then reinstalling because the virus has damaged something the cure couldn't fix.

    You say you run F-prot. Good program for sure, get the one for windows that offers real-time protection and automatically updates itself:

    I notice that you can download it and try it (shareware). Give it a spin and kik all the tires. Single licenses are $25 usd.
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    Thanks mate!

    The problem is, that many clients don't want to buy anti-virus software (very dumb I know). And sometimes when you install antivirussoftware to remove a virus it gives problems with your windows installation when you later remove the software (because the client dont want to buy it). I agree with you that a good virus scanner is a must have. With sites do you mean, that can remove virusses?
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    Yeah, they install some scanning software right from the web browser and do the scan. Let me go look, I don't have it handy because I've only used it a couple times and need to do a search for it. As soon as I find it i'll post a link.

    Here it is:
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    Wow thank you for your reply! Sorry about my bad english. I will give the online scanner a try.
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    another good online scanner is
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    Free AV software its a free AV software and works real well. That and Tinys firewall I recommend to all the newbies to computers and the internet.