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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by emmie-chan, Dec 7, 2001.

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    hey guys! ok, here's the deal. my computer does not have an anti-virus program *GASP* and i want to put one on. when i had ME, i had norton installed, which was fine. but i think that particular version isn't compatible with XP.

    anywho... i was wondering wut is a GOOD program to use with XP that is reliable, given good reviews, and (hopefully) kinda, um, free (i'm a poor college student - i can barely afford carl's jr. for lunch!). ooh! also if a link could be supplied letting me download the proggie, that'd be great (and quite useful keke).

    thanks for any input u guys give me!

    * e m m i e *
  2. jw50

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    I cant help you with a free one but I can tell you that McAfee VirusScan 6, Norton 2002, and PC-cillin 2000 all work fine with XP.