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    "Son's First Game"

    The day has finally arrived............

    Today is the day you take your son to his first football game.
    Leading up to the day you have told him about match day, the
    smell of the fresh cut grass, the hotdogs that taste better
    at the grounds than anywhere else, the roar of the crowd when
    the home team scores. You tell him all about the sights & sounds
    he'll see on that wonderful day. You explain the history of
    the club and the significance of the match to each and every
    true supporter. The rules and intricacies are listened to with
    rapt attention. Your heart swells with pride as your boy, the
    fruit of your loins, begins his own personal odyssey of love
    for the beautiful game.
    However, the only thing he'll remember about the big day is..
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    New York City
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    OMG, where did you get that pic of me? :D
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    You mod(s) should know better :p
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    Hahaha, the look on that little guys face...hahaha, nice one gonaads :p
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    Heh he heh ...
    *Mommy Mommy, guess what I saw at the game!*
    Weeeeeee!!! :D