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Discussion in 'Benchmarks & Performance' started by ModestCargo, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. ModestCargo

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    How do I overclock my CPU? And how much is safe?
  2. ModestCargo

    ModestCargo Guest

    My friend also wants to overclock - he has 750 MHz AMD Duron with 64MB of RAM. What is safe for this?
  3. xsivforce

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    I don't bother with OC'ing. I am lucky to be stable unclocked.:eek:
  4. ModestCargo

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    But it works great for some people!
  5. Bytes Back

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    With todays chip speeds theres very little gain in overclocking. So you get a few more frames in Quake 3 ( not that you would ever notice in playing the game). In applications you really cant see the difference.

    I have an XP 1600. If I managed a 10% overclock ( which most of the time is all thats realistic) I'd have the equivalant of an XP 1700. WOW!!!

    If you want to overclock higher than that then you have to start buying exoctic coolers, more fans etc. By the time you've paid for this lot you might as well have bought a new chip.
  6. ModestCargo

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    That's all okay, but I want to know HOW to overclock. And also, check out my CPU speed, it's nothing to marvel at. 500 MHz.
  7. madmatt

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    I have never even given overclocking a thought. I'm happy with the speed I have and it's stable, too.

    I know, you don't care.