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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by vaineh, Oct 21, 2002.

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    have this annoying thing that when i boot my computer up and xp loads, certain things do not respond for like a minute or so, il open something and nothing will actually happen for a minute, other things like network connections are not accessible for this minute, after that its all fine
    i read somewhere b4 that it was to do with ms file and printer sharing, but ive disabled it and it still happens

    another annoying thing is i cant seem to save images from internet explorer properly, with jpegs il right click> save picture as

    then the only option i get is to save it as a bmp and the filename is not shown, jus seys save us untitled.bmp

    any ideas ?
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    If you are not part of a network, disable the Workstation Service. That should help with the speed of loading the gui.

    As for the other problem, empty the Temporary Internet Folder - that should correct the situation.
  3. ok for that hanging problem i know solution.

    goto network connections. there go to properties of ethernet adapter you are using. go to tcp/ip properties and set it's ip to manual "" subnet "" click ok restart and it should work. it's just i'm not 100% sure if those # are correct. try it
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    Something else to try>

    1. Click on Start/Run, type 'msconfig', then click 'OK'.
    2. Go to the 'Services' tab, find the 'Background Intelligent Transfer' service, disable it, apply the changes & reboot.
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    By any chance, do you have Norton Anti-Virus??? I had the same problem and it was the Anti-Virus...
    How did I fix it? I change Anti-Virus...:)
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    yup, sorted
  7. which method worker vaineh?
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  9. cool :), well enjoy it. btw i found out about that just by accident :p