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Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by Herkalees, Jan 30, 2003.

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    Currently I own and operate a simple little website ( and I wanted to add a "Feedback" type function to it. I'm not sure if this is the correct term for what I seek, so let me describe what's in my head:

    I want people to simply be able to input their name and a message in two separate box's, hit submit and have it post to my website on a particular page, for all to view. I want to be able to moderate posts in case of foul language etc. Having a date and time automatically inserted, then listed in order of most recent to oldest is ideal also.

    My experience in coding websites is a bit limited, as my whole website was made using HTML and images with Dreamweaver and Photoshop. There also may be a limitation to what my web host will allow as far as um... I am drawing a blank on the acronyms... (CGI scripting?) and things of that nature.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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    Well, you'll need some kind of server side script language, like CGI/Perl, PHP, ASP or similar. Most hosts support CGI/Perl, so that can be a good place to start. I got my first guestbook script from Matt's Script Archive. It was a few years ago but it was good then so it should be good now. I also you belive you can edit it anyway you want to fit your page as long as you give some credit to Matt. I changed it quite severely as I remember it. :)
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    i will do a custom PHP script that will either insert the data in MySQL or send you an email. If your host supports PHP and you would like a custom script, please email me at and i would be happy yo make one. Please do not use Matt's formmail, since that has been hacked, and has been abused to spam.
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    I appreciate all your help. It seems my host doesn't support anything special like the things you have mentioned. I ended up going with their provided "guestbook" for folks who pay for their hosting. It's semi-decent, free, and only puts up a tiny tiny graphic underneath. Thankyou again for your help, it seems I'll be sticking with this freebee option of theirs.