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    I have absolutely no idea where to put this ... or even how to ask about it ...

    I was reading through some stuff ..and stumbled across the word Amiga. Sounded familiar ... so anyhow I noticed it was a computer brand ... ohh the memories.

    Anyway, I see they have a new OS ..released now maybe?. I sure would like to check it out. I find it amazing the thought and completely different way of computing.

    I wonder if it will work on say ... my computer right now. Or maybe some old computer that is 5 years old. The way they make it sound ... some tiny old crap processor can power the thing with fullblown movies and word processing and everything else.

    well ... just my random thoughts about an OS that has seemed to remain under the radar for the last 10-15 years. Must be a fairly popular thing being they are releasing this 4.0 version. That alone I guess says that hey. .. we are making a new version ..when im thinking ... i dont remember version 3 or 2. I guess what i'm getting to ..there must be a substantial underground for this ... I don't know for sure.

    I really would like to find more information on it in hardware requirements, price, and most importantly ... compatability with hardware and software (games mostly).

    Anyone know anything about this stuff. Maybe I'm just bored and in need of entertainment while my g/f is away this week on business haha.
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