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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by iceman7311, Jun 4, 2005.

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    are the new amd x2's going to be just for worksatations and servers or are the for home computers?
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    The X2's are desktop processors. They use the current Socket 939 interface, so you should be able to pop them into a current 939 A64 board (with a BIOS update, presumably).

    According to AMD, the A64 FX is still the best choice for gaming. The X2 is supposed to offer better performance in productivity and digital media apps.

    For servers and workstations, the Opterons would be more appropriate.
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    Both workstations and personal use.

    Wrt gaming (and other similar products), most games are still single threaded so a dual core processor will not make a difference. Only games programmed with multi-threading in mind will see boosts in performance.

    Don't expect a mind-blowing performance difference immediately because single threaded apps are the majority.
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    X2 will mostly benefit people with a large number of apps running at any one time (me for instance), but then this was true with dual cpu setups before they decided to put 2 chips in one core.

    you will get a little extra out of a multi processor opteron system but it will cost you more due to the need of ecc ram and the 1 mb cache in the opteron.

    However you wil have the advantag of being able to obliterate the nearest G5
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    Although essentially correct, there can be a slight (albeit negligable) difference due to the operating system's support for multiple processors, and if device drivers can make some use of this...

    Anyhow, a tid bit some people might find interesting, concerning observations John Carmack made while working on multi-threaded support for the game, himself... Though the games we're talking about are old, his observations might be worth noting...

    Some of Carmack's observations (in terms of what could be done) in experimenting, follow: