AMD Overheated

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Grinder714, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. Grinder714

    Grinder714 Guest

    Please people, cool your AMD correctly...... 7000RPM +

    I would hate to see this happen to any of my friends here.

    Its just a joke, dont get all uptight people.......:rolleyes:
  2. NightHawk_450

    NightHawk_450 OSNN Addict

    lol......funny stuff.....kinda had me nervous for 5 seconds, I kinda needed that though!!!!
  3. Gary Pandher

    Gary Pandher Moderator

    got me laughinnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  4. Wrathchild

    Wrathchild OSNN Senior Addict


    Nice one dude. A lot of my friends are AMD neophytes and swear by their hardware to the point of abnoxiousness. I take a lot of flack for having an Intel based system. They're super happy with their AMD rigs and I'm super happy with my non-overclocked Intel system. The only difference is, I don't slam the competition. I don't. Got AMD? Good for you. They are rabid "Die Intel" hardware snobs. I don't get it. If it works for you, why bother slamming someone who has something a little different which works just fine for them? Intel? AMD? Who cares!? Party on!

  5. Wrathchild

    Wrathchild OSNN Senior Addict


    That's cool. I've never had any problems with my Intels products over the 18 years I've been using them. I'll leave the politics to the politicians. With one exception. We've been promised a UT2003 demo since E3. That was 6 weeks ago! WTF!!!
  6. gonaads

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    Re: Funny!

    Heh heh, My first box (win 3.1) had an Intel 486 DX2 in it, My second box (win 3.11 for workgroups) had a DX4, My third (win98) had a Cyrix CPU then an AMD K6. Upgraded to a K6-2 and 98SE. then to a first gen Athlon Slot A. My Daughter is still usin it. As you can see I've had both from way back. I just use AMD Athlons now. :D
  7. Grinder714

    Grinder714 Guest

    Then dont buy them and shut up! Give it a rest dude, its gettin old.
  8. Grinder714

    Grinder714 Guest

    Re: Funny!

    I could not agree more, who cares as long as your happy.:D
  9. Ice-Freezer

    Ice-Freezer Guest

    al your so called baby cpu's suck
    i have 13 terahertz :0
    custom made cpu with 512 bit tech backwards as well to 1 bit
    gotta couple of black holes in my room but what a heck
  10. Wrathchild

    Wrathchild OSNN Senior Addict


    Who's Al?

    Or are you just illiterate..., which is fine really. We can't all be in full possession of the English language. I remember this one time, at band camp, little Jimmy Conners spilled his lemonade on my favorite jeans so I hacked him to pieces with a machette' and buried his parts behind the camp councellor's outhouse. Ah... the sun-filled days of my youth. They'll never come again. I digress. You were saying?
  11. Bytes Back

    Bytes Back Ex Police Chief

    Hey, Uncalled for, Catch23 was only expressing his opinion, he wasn't flaming anyone or anything. :(
  12. Wrathchild

    Wrathchild OSNN Senior Addict


    Yeah, Catch is definately opinionated, but rarely sh|tty about it.
  13. Grinder714

    Grinder714 Guest

    Listen here Ace, this thread was started as a J-O-K-E, was not meant to turn into another Intel/AMD discussion/argument.
  14. Grinder714

    Grinder714 Guest

    mabye not mean to, but you know it would.

    ffs you just dont get it do you....

    thanks for taking all the fun outta a thread....again.
  15. Grinder714

    Grinder714 Guest

    you dont get it....

    You dont have to express your opinion in EVERY thread...we all know how you feel.

    The pic was supposed to be funny!!!!
  16. Wrathchild

    Wrathchild OSNN Senior Addict


    Alright you two. Take it outside! ;-)
  17. Grinder714

    Grinder714 Guest

    I'd LOVE to!
  18. Grinder714

    Grinder714 Guest

    I give up....

    I hope those of you WITH a sense of humor got a chuckle out of it....

    I did.:D
  19. Grinder714

    Grinder714 Guest

    LOL, what asking you what your problem is? I wanted to take it private instead of getting all these people involved, Im sure they dont care.
  20. Grinder714

    Grinder714 Guest

    lol, ok sparky....

    sorry I forgot your the ripe old age of know everything.

    silly me.

    my Son, you have alot to learn.