Amd athlon temp

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Johncki, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. Johncki

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    I have a 1.4 amd athlon. What is the normal temp on this chip? Temp of inside pc is 89F temp of cpu is 129f what would be a logical setting in my bios to shut it down at a certain temp? I have no idea what the normal running temp should be. could someone shed some light on this please? thanks
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    My AMD 1.4ghx athlon xp is running at 40 Celsius stable. The maximum is 90 degrees celsius. My motherboard is running at 30 degrees celsius.

    You are at the maximum allowed temperature.
    What kind of heatsink/fan are you using?
    Are you using any thermal compound between the cpu and the heatsink?

    You shouldn't be running your computer for very long at that temperature.
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    currently my cpu is at 89 F and my other components are at a nice 69 F. I don't use F usually but a good temperature for a cpu is from 40 - 45 C and a good temp for pc is I 'd say 30 - 35