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  1. According to this review, my beloved Abit IT7-MAX2 MoBo is based on i845PE! (contrary to every other reviews whom reported Abit's utilization of i845E, even Abit themselves)

    I know i845PE still doesn’t support AGP8X and the Dual DDR is the way to go in the very near future, but still I am very excited that my two sticks of 512MB PC 2700 (DDR333) are "officially" supported by my MoBo.

    Here is the link:

    I contacted the author and he claims that according to the specs that were sent to him by Abit and after he verified with their Tech support (since the specs that are available Online are not good) the IT7 MAx 2 is not based on the i845E but effectively on the i845PE and officially support DDR333 (Max 2GB).

    He also says that they sent him another version of the user's manual because the one in the box wasn't good and it is clearly stated in this user's manual that the chipset is the i845PE indeed.
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    Glad to hear that. Which I'm sure you really are as well
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    Just to let you know, the original IT7 max2 used the i845E whereas IT7 max2 revision2, uses the i845PE. This revision was just released so I'm assuming you would have the i845E version. Correct me if i'm wrong,