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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by TR!GG3R, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. TR!GG3R

    TR!GG3R Guest

    is there any good alterns to the divx the playa 5.02 pro ? thats got everything u need to watch movies and its got to be skinable :D coz i think my divx pro is broke :( i get runtime errors when i try to watch colatral damage but it worked fine on other movies like gone in 60secs n fast n furious so u think i need a new playa or the movies is damaged ?
  2. stuy_b

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    Once you have the divx codec.. you can use mediaplayer. Infact when I install the divxbundle.. i just choose the codec. :)
  3. TR!GG3R

    TR!GG3R Guest

    u downloading adware version ? because pro does not have a option to juss install the codec :(