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    Whats up with this new XP Media Center? Worth it? What the hell in the Windows XP Embedded edition? whats so big about them?


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    yea what is so big ??

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    Thats the question? Whats soo big about them??
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    Embedded Edition is for PDA's !!!

    Media Center Edition is for special PC's equipped especially for Media Center, only HP sell them at the moment.
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    MCE is for HTPC users... pretty cool if it ever gets to normal users!
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    Hi all,

    I've used a time limited trial of the Media Center and it's nice to play with but at the end of the day it's just a fancy frontend for Windows Media Player.

    It gives you a nice place to view your pics, sort your music and record TV programs but it doesn't really do anything new although it does come with its own remote control.

    If you're happy with your system and XP then I can't see any reason to spend out on a new system for the sake of a remote control and a fancy interface that still has XP underneath it.

    XP Embedded Edition is a smaller version of XP that can be used for running kiosks and ATM machines. It's missing a lot of functionality. You can't add programs to it once it's installed and have to name any programs you want while it's installing. It's not really designed for desktop use but more a stable core for some other software such as a bar juke box or like I already said an ATM machine.

    XP Embedded is missing a lot of functionality that is built in to XP and there was quite a bit of argument during the anti-trust trial as to whether it could be adapted and used as a desktop operating system. Microsoft claiming it couldn't and the opposition claiming it could.

    Hope I've got all my facts right,
    Catch you all later,

    You can check this out if you want to know more: