All games crash freq. error: minidump sysdata etc. plz help

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by PHIL, Dec 31, 2001.

  1. PHIL

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    All my games seem to crash frequently some more than others. Especially after my recent clean re-install of windows xp. I have no idea what is causing this, whether it's the new update package for win xp or my detonator nvidia drivers. Maybe the new via 4in1 drivers changed something. But everytime i play my games i either get a blue screen of death stating there was a minidump error of memmory in sysdata.. blah blah or the same blue screen stating that a drawing operation could not be completed eror : file nv4sw. blah blah
    this error occurs very frequently in starategy games and not so in my action games. THis error causes my system to auto restart , since i enabled that function because there's no other way to get out of the crash. I doubt it's the detonator drivers since the crash occured before and after installing newest drivers. I am looking towards more the via 4in1 drivers. If you have any suggestion on how i can overcome these frequent crashes I would love to hear from you. These crashes render my comp useless for games.
    PS. Does winamp 3 on your computer crash every chance it gets ? or is it my comp.:(
  2. Speed4Ever

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    I'm not sure what nv4sw is, but anything related to nv4 is usually a nvidia driver. Do you have a geforce card?

    Try reinstalling the video driver.

    What are your computer specs?
  3. PHIL

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    the nv4sw error crash is not very frequent 9/10 of my crashes occur with message minidump error in c:\local/user/etc.. minidump directory.
  4. Speed4Ever

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    I'm either lost, or not getting what your saying here...

    I've never seen a " minidump error in c:\local/user/etc.. minidump directory" error before

    Can you elaborate on this, or is that all there is to explain?
  5. Dead_Kelly

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    :eek: Ok, thank god I am not alone with this problem!!!Happens frequently or not at all. ERK!! I usually get it in RedFaction/AliensVS.Predator2/GhostRecon....
    K7vdragonplus mobo
    amd athlonXP1700+
    512mb unbuffered DDR
    PNY Nvidiageforce3 Ti500
    yes latest Nvidia drivers/23.11
    Via 4in1/1.47?? I think
    Creative soundblasterAudigy gamer

    Anyone???Please????? I've gone to all the above's tech support
    and have filed error reports!!!What's up??? the problem seems to be based around Nv4 or the minidump!!!! I've run the Dxdiag.exe on this and the only problem seems to be the Nv4(driver) because it's not Windows XP digitally signalled!! could that be all??? Why haven't they release aa XP digitally signalled driver yet!? WHY????:mad:
  6. Dead_Kelly

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    Duh!! oh yea XP home....Boooooo!!!:mad: :mad: :mad:
  7. Speed4Ever

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    Which Nvidia driver are you using? I use the 23.11s, but a lot of other people are noticing problems with it, so maybe you shoul stay clear of that one.

    The safest ones I know of are either 21.83, or 21.85, People seem to have good luck with those.

    They arent digitally signed (not signalled :D ), but I dont think there are any yet.
  8. Zeny

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    Same problem with me, all drivers 21.83 and 23.11 i have the same message about minidump or something like this with everygame, in winMe everything is ok. So why i cant play in winXP?