Alien Sex

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    Alien Sex

    A Martian couple and an Earthling couple have met and are talking about all sorts of things. Finally, the subject of sex comes up.

    "Just how do you guys do it?" asked the Earthling.

    "Pretty much the way you do," responded the Martian.

    Discussion ensues and finally the couples decide to swap partners for the night and experience one another. The female Earthling and the male Martian go off to a bedroom where the Martian strips. He's got only a teeny, weeny member; very short and very narrow.

    "What can you do with THAT!?" exclaims the woman.

    "Why?" he asked, "What's the matter?"

    "Well," she replied, "it's nowhere near long enough. It'll never reach!"

    "No problem," he said and proceeded to slap his forehead with his palm. With each slap of his forehead, his member grew until it was quite impressively long.

    "Well," she said.

    "That's quite impressive, but it's still pretty narrow."

    "No problem," he said again and started pulling his ears. With each pull his member grew wider and wider until the entire measurement was extremely exciting to the woman.

    "Wow!" she exclaimed as they fell into bed and made mad, passionate love. The next day the couples rejoined their normal partners and went off together.

    As they walked along the Earthling male said, "Well, was it any good?"

    "I hate to say it," she said, "but it was really wonderful. How about you?"

    "Well," he said, "It was the weirdest thing. She kept slapping me on the forehead and pulling my ears all night."
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    Doubt it would fit the female martian.:D
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    haha, cute
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    Stop smackin my head, I got a headache! :p