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    Having contacted MEDION and being referred to MSI trying to obtain a MANUAL and a possible BIOS upgrade for the following:-

    Mainboard Manufacturer MSI
    Mainboard Model Name MS-6399
    Mainboard BIOS Vendor Award
    Mainboard BIOS Version 1.00

    received an automated reply from MSI saying read their site
    My request is can anyone out there help me obtain the MANUAL and BIOS. TIA
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    Hi this is a google translation of a post by msi on their website

    "The Ms-6399 is a OEM Motherboard and by MSI is not supportet. Therefore you find here also no information over it.

    For Bios updates, drivers and support the manufacturer is responsible and/or salesman (e.g. Medion, Fujitsu, Siemens, HP, etc.....) of the PC's.

    Look best on its homepage for it or therefore inquire there......"

    So i guess you should go back to medion and tell them that MSI don't have it. Hope this helps a little bit
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    Many thanx for your response it is a timely reminder that i bought this at Christmas last year and although i am delighted with the hardware ALDI the company that sold it will only accept cash or debit Cards as if you use a Credit card it gives you more legal rights, and MEDION has a help line that charges premium rates whilst it places you on hold and makes you listen to how to fix problems that you do not have!! MSI of course is a german company that designs chipsets and will not support OEM chipsets so the position seems to be ALDI do not care, MEDION say speak to MSI and MSI say speak to MEDION, a perfect example of a closed circuit!! There must be thousands of these machines sold last Christmas and by now even the most PC illiterate owner must be thinking of upgrading, but how? with no Manual or possibility of upgrading the BIOS. Once they have your money they do not have to provide after sales service!!

    Sorry to go on but i feel strongly about this.