AIW 9800 pro question

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Brando457, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. Brando457

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    I noticed on the ATI AIW 9800 pro theres one of those plugs for the internal audio connector like on a cd-rom, if i connect the plug from the AIW to my soundcard then do i need to have the line in wire connected?

    I m sure sazar knows :D
  2. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    i have not personally tried this out brando... :)

    have not been in town since last friday and don\t get back till then :D

    currently in texas... went to dell server hq today... quite nice...\

    um the audio cable may well be for input from other devices... check up oin it... I will post if I remmeber when I get back :)
  3. Brando457

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    haha ok man thanx for the info have fun... while i sit here ripping my hair out trying to get linksys and lexmark to work in unison :(