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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Brando457, Aug 11, 2003.

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    I just received my ATI AIW 9800 pro, while playing games like CS or Ut 03 my temps of case jump 5 C or so, i touch the hs on teh card and its HOT. What is a good cooler to put on in place of stock, I ve never cahnged any cooler except case fans and HSF so if someone can point me in right direction..... :eek:

    btw played morrowind since i didn't know what it was, awesome graphics i spent like 10 minutes looking at the water :) didnt like game though heh

    thanks in advance :D
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    you can consider modding the case to add a 92mm or thereabouts fan and pointing it @ the card..

    the other option you have is to get the zalman heatpipe..

    be careful changing the stock cooler... not done properly == dead $400 card...

    I would go with a case mod as I said earlier :) or get the big 92mm fan and stick it onto the cooler :)
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    thnx yeah i was planning on doing side in takes 2 80mms either side by side or on top of each other
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    sounds like the cards stood in dead air so yeh vent the case and see if that helps, as above aim a side fan over the card :)

    if that don't work i kinda like this offering from thermaltake

    they got a review here comparing it to the silent cooler sazar is on about ;)
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    I think you should get a thermaltake fan for your card (a 25$ one would be fine). Don't ever go to cheaper fans with high RPM. High RPM is not everything for cooling. Good fans come with heat sinks, those are useful.

    Make sure that you have good ventilation in your case. To satisfy this need, you need two 80mm fans in your pc case, one to bring in cool air and the other to take out hot air. Those are so cheap and so worthy.

    You can find thermaltake fans for good prices on
    and as sazar pointed, Zalman fans are the other good option.

    Good Luck
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    solution bought myself a air conditioner for my room and tossed the 2 stand fans i had :) and now my temps are 10C atm i m at 35C, where as when i had the fans i was at 45C idle and 50C full load :( , I also bought one of those slot cooler thingys that pulls air out the pci card slot and put it a pci slot between the gfx card

    so its

    ))))PCI FREE(((((
    Slot Cooler thingy