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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by David Smith, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. David Smith

    David Smith Guest

    Does anyone know if Nero have gone bust or are on a very long Christmas holiday? Over a week ago I paid for a registration code for one of their programmes and have not received anything from them despite three emails and the fact that the payment is showing on my credit card statement.

    They do state on their WEB site that you will receive the code within one working day. :(
  2. David Smith

    David Smith Guest

    Thanks, I will just have to wait and see
  3. PseudoKiller

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    be sure you supplied them with the correct email address to email it to you.
  4. David Smith

    David Smith Guest

    Yes I am sure they have the correct email address, I have given it to them several times.
  5. eddieb

    eddieb OSNN Addict

    I received an email from them after writing them that I hadn't gotten my free serial number for the Power Pack. They said that because of the holidays, they are short staffed and are a little behind. I sent in the request several days ago. Finally got it this morning. So just hang in there and I'm sure they'll send yours anyday.
  6. Hipster Doofus

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    Yeah tis the season to pull ya hair out.

    BAH HUMBUG :mad:
  7. napalmnthemorning

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    Yes, Pull the hair out and ScReAm.. I've noticed with the holidays that the net is being bombarded with heavy loads from all the kids being home. SlOwwww..
  8. David Smith

    David Smith Guest

    I paid for the registration number on 16.12.2003, I have sent three emails, it is now the 29th December no registration code and no reply to my emails, if they only bothered to send a short email to people who have paid just informing them of the position I would be satisfied and happy to wait.