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    ok, I just bought a motherboard a few days ago, in the instruction booklet, it says its not compatible with AGP 3.3v or something like that (sorry, I dont have the booklet with me right now) and only compitable with 0.8v and 1.5v or something close to that. I'm wondering how do you find out what the gfx card supports?
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    all new video cards are going to work fine with the new standards... ie anything with agp 4x/8x capability...

    3.3v AFAIK is for 1x agp... which is not something a lot of newer motherboards support...
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    Sazar: I am not trying to ridicule you, but I have always wondered why you include the original post in a thread in your reply. I can understand if you are replaying to something that has been replied to 15 times and you want to make sure that the right person sees it... I guess I don't understand.
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    wow, you are very smart with graphics cards :D
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    heh... i've been curious, too.

    and just to reinforce, 3.3v agp voltage is only for really old and rare agp1x cards.
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    Re: Re: Agp

    Imma noob. Can anyone tell me what AFAIK means please?
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    I'm sure he uses the quote to make it less confusing for others... why u complaining?? it's not like it eats up bandwidth, or slows you machine down while loading hte page....

    AFAIK= As Far As I Know

    3.3v is the old AGP 1x and 2x standard, any video card newer than a TNT2 should be supported under the 1.5v standard.
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    most of the intel rigs i build have a red LED under the AGP to say "NO" im not working in there, better than the old option where your board and video card blew up :)