AGP: This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by joshuajme, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. joshuajme

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    Whatever graphics card I put in the slot, I get that error. I have tried a gf2 and a gf4, re seating and re installing drivers. Windows is making me run in 800 by 600 with 4 bit colour, Any idea?
  2. Sazar

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    might sound daft.. lol but go into bios and set primary display driver to agp instead of pci if that is the setting..

    can't think of anything of the top of my head right now mate..
  3. joshuajme

    joshuajme Guest

    Dont worry, its already on agp.
  4. Jz1397-5

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    updated bios?
  5. joshuajme

    joshuajme Guest

    In between the card working and then not I didnt do a thing! And the bios is on its latest revision.
  6. jonocainuk

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    make sure you have "enable IRQ for VGA" enabled in your BIOS. ive had the exact same problem (not with graphics cards as good as a gf4, but it was an nvidia none the less).

    i imagine that would work... good luck :)
  7. Calvus

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    I take you are running XP ?

    That is the same error I am getting for the 1394 port on my Audigy sound card. After I pulled the card out and rebooted XP is failing to rocognize the card correctly and refuses to recognize the 1394 port at all. Even after I installed the original drivers.

    I think XP may have a bug in recognizing hardware after you pull it. I read an article to this effect someplace but I can not remember where right this minute.

    My computer may be down for the count. I am running the internet off my wifes computer temporarily until I get mine back up. I do not have all my bookmarks is why I can not locate the article right now.

    If I find the article again I will let you know.

  8. joshuajme

    joshuajme Guest

    AGP does have an IRQ assigned (10). The bios does support fast write. I have tried the same setup but on a different motherboard (same hd, gpu, sound and os) and am still having the same problem! So, this is definately win xp going bonkers in some way. If any1 requires any more information to help diagnose the problem I would be happy to give it, i can't do much else with 4 bit colours can i?
  9. rodneyck

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    I got that same error with my WinXP Pro when I tried to install a second graphics card (one AGP and one PCI) for dual monitors. I could not figure it out, had to do a clean install of Windows XP and haven't had a problem since. Good luck.
  10. joshuajme

    joshuajme Guest

    I only have one graphics card, so how could I have that problem? And I don't really want to re install win xp, it's to much hassle.