agp texture acceleration not available

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by superbo3, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. superbo3

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    hi for the last few days ive tryed to fix this , in dxdaig agp texture acceleration is not available i cant press enable or anything ive tryed all i know :(

    i got a 2,4 ghz p4 with a asus p4p800 motherboard and a saphire 9600 pro card

    ive got directx 9.0b catalyst 3.6 the newst drivers for my motherboard and chipset got no idea whats wrong niether has the place i bought the pc please help guys :(
  2. Petros

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    Have you tried the Catalyst 3.7s or 3.8s? If it turns out to be a settings problem, it should be fixed by reinstalling the same/newer driver.
  3. superbo3

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    i fixed it yey ive been trying to fix this since friday i installed the us drivers had the danish (europe) ones before
  4. LeeJend

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    First thing get rid of the junk. Get the Radeon uninstaller off the ATI site. Get the Nvidia detonator remover from guru3d.

    Uninstall all the old junk. Then do a fresh install of whatever catalyst you want to use. I have used 3.4, 3.5, 3.7, 3.8 with no problems with AGP texture. I'm using 3.4 right now because of some Homeworld 2 quirks.
  5. superbo3

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    after this ive had a new problem i installed 3.8 now all games crash after 20 sec the screen just freezes i have to restart,
    ive tryed all i could all the unstaller for drivers tryed in safe mode removing em , but the problem continues to be there no matter what drivers i install.
    gonna format my pc later today. :(
  6. GoNz0

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    set the AGP to 4X there is allsorts of issues at AGP 8X with ATI cards.