Age of physics processing units dawns

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    I got this from this artical at the inquirer

    WE FLEW half the way around the globe to see a cool new marchitecture and we haven't been disappointed. Yet.
    After decades of listening about Central Processing Units, years of listening about Graphic Processing Units and millimoments of listening about audio processing units, it is time to learn the new term. It's time to start talking about physics processing units (PPUs).

    I have a feeling that we will be talking much more about such PPUs in the near future as these are going to change the way computer games look like. The company behind this marchitecture is called AGEIA and is a "Fabless Company" with lots of investors around, including mighty Taiwanese giant TSMC and the almost almighty Bank'o'America. Here in San Francisco's Games Developer Conference the firm revealed its chip called symbolically PhysX. It’s the world first Physics Processing Unit (PPU), they reckon. These guys have taped out the chip and made a final product and reference card design ready as we write.
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    Who says they reckon during a computer article? LOL
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    That is very interesting. It makes sense. It would reduce a lot of processor usage for games. Which could improve overall game feel and realism. I'd also like to see what sort of price range we're talking for these. Like they said, it's only 128MB GDDR3. So I'd assume the price would be about the same as a mid level graphics card. Or at least, I hope it's no more then that.