Age of LCD Damage

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by farseeker, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. farseeker

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    Hey All :)

    Got a slight situation I'm hoping you can help me with -

    I'm in posession of a notebook with a broken LCD monitor, and the bloke that gave it to me swore the screen wasn't broken when he gave it to me... I haven't touched the laptop, so I doubt it could have "Broken" all by itself.

    WHat I'd liek to know is - is there any way to tell the "Age" of LCD damage - i.e. I need to prove that the screen was damaged BEFORE he gave it to me, so the so-and-so doesn't sue me...

    HELP PLEASE!! :eek:
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    I have a cousin whos LCD display ued to act up but all I had to do was tighten some screws on it for her. not sure if this it case with you, you might have some wiring issues.
  3. farseeker

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    I wish, the LCD is cracked and there's thick black lines surrounding the cracks