Age of Empires

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by BuZTaH, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. BuZTaH

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    I know this game is old but its really the only game ive been really good at and i cant get it going on XP Pro. i put in the cd and the install program comes up and i go through it and when you click the install button and it comes up with one of those "send error report, dont send" error messages, i tried runnning it in didfferent compatibility modes but that didnt work. could someone please help me out with this? thanks
  2. Sanuku

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    Are you using an AMD Processor ?!.AGE I is sure on off the better Games but why you don´t play the second one ?!.Maybe you should check out MS Site of the Game because I´m quiet sure that MS have release some updates for that one...
  3. BuZTaH

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    im runnin a Athlong XP 1600+ .. didnt know processor could cause compatiblity problems tho.. they have released updates but i ahvent seen any xp updates, the current updates are for online play i think..
  4. Sanuku

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    I don´t know why but i had some troubles with this gay installer from MS.Finally i think that my WinME was somehow crashed.I am using AMD since some years and having besides that no problems...

    Using now XP since one month and don´t have any trobles.

    Hehe....hoping not to start again a thread AMD vs. INTEL :)