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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by stapler101, Dec 30, 2001.

  1. stapler101

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    After disabling messenger (thru gpedit), I get a delay in the launch of outlook express. I found a microsoft document that said go to the "other" tab in outlook options and disable messenger but I can't find "other" or a reference to messenger after I disable.
    Before disabling, there is a choice to allow "automatically log on to messenger"
    How do I stop the delay in opening outlook?
  2. Akash

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    re-enable it :)

    there was posts in the previous forum regarding this matter but ah well ... we cant get to them
  3. stapler101

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    what is this, top secret stuff??
  4. Akash

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    maybe you were not around before...
    basically there used to be a forum before this...
    then the forum was scrapped and updated to a much better one (this one)
    but as a result, user accounts and most of all, all the posts/threads had to be removed because of incompatibility with this one.

    i think the waddy was thinknig of converting them to html but im not sure

    anyway, what i was saying is i had seen a post a while back on the old forums about your problem...
  5. stapler101

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    That makes sense.
    I still hope someone knows the answer.
  6. Ves007

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    Microsoft has something done that when you disable MSN all other programs will start, run slower.
    The only solution is leaving it alone.