Advise: Admuncher/Adsubtract/Proxomitron

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by 0pensource, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. 0pensource

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    Need some opinions on the above three. I have been using Proxomitron since dirt but its development has halted at 4.5 some time ago. I considering switching to one of the two alternatives above.

    If someone knows of another app that performs the same functions, plz let me know.

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  2. muzikool

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    Which functions are most important to you? I considered Admuncher for a bit, but was convinced not to use it, so I went with Proxo and I'm still using it.
  3. Enyo

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    The fact Proxo's development has stopped should not be a reason to change products.

    Proxomitron is still fully capable and functional and will be until HTML is no longer in use (and beyond? but you see my point) :)

    If you move to Adsubtract or Admucher your going to loose a lot of functionality. You cant really compare Proxo to either of these products.

    The best alternative to Proxo is Prixoxy.
  4. LordOfLA

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    I've been using admuncher since version 4 and have nothing but the highest recommendations for it.

    There is a site that compares alot of the ad and popup stoppers on the market and admuncher is ranked number one in its latest versions.

    Having never used proxomitron I cant judge how good or bad it is, however I can tell you that admuncher is the best you can get for single pc ad and popup stopping - you can add your own rules and stuff to it and I belive the next release will have a re-written and more powerful filtering engine.

    In the end all I can say is try out all the app's you're considering and stick with hte one you like most.