Advice wanted, B4 I re-install XP..

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by stuy_b, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. stuy_b

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    OK, I need to do a re-install of XP, but I wanted to check I have afew things setup right from the start..

    I have two 40gb harddrives, both identical models (Maxtor D740X), DVD drive & CDRW drive.

    Should I have both HDDs on one IDE port and the DVD & CDRW drives on the other, or should I mix them?

    Should I create pagefiles on both HDDs or just the main one that will have XP system files? I have 512mb memory, so should I leave it at the default of 768mb?

    Should I use an ATA-133 controller for the D740X drives, or the onboard ATA-100.. I ask cos the controller drivers ARE NOT XP certified.

    Please get back to me today if poss. I want to install tonight.

  2. sboulema

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    I heard that if you mix your cdrw and dvd drives you will be able to make better on-the-fly copy's. I don't have advice for the other questions. :(
  3. stuy_b

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    You mean like HDD01 & DVD drive, HDD02 & CDRW >>????
  4. sboulema

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    Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    Yes, but I don't know if it works. I read it on another thread.
  5. UniSol

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    IDE1 = HardDrive1 and DVD-ROM
    IDE2 = HardDrive2 and CD-RW

    Or basically put the CDRW on the opposite IDE Channel you will most likely be burning from.

    If you have all your Downloads and Games on IDE2 then have the CDRW on IDE1, this will make burning fast and less chance of error.
  6. stuy_b

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    ok guys.. make ya minds up pls!! lol

    mix or not??I was thinking the same thing catch23, but for the reason that all devices on IDE1 would be running at ATA100..not mixed.. and all devices on IDE2 would be ATA33. Dunno if there is any logic to that?!!!
  7. stuy_b

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    Cheers Catch23

    Just one last thing now I think, I had used an ATA133 controller card previously, but things didnt seem quite right, 1stly it took my motherboards onboard IRQ15 port, even though the manual says you can have upto 8 ide devices in PC with the card.(which has two ports). 2ndly the two ports both support master/slave.. but that sounds daft as the card is only using IRQ15 (1 port with master/slave)!!!????? so how can it successfully run 2 masters?!! 3rdly it says its designed for 66Mhz PCI bus, but is backwards compatible with 33Mhz PCI bus.(my system is 33Mhz PCI bus) so is it running at ATA133?!!!

    I think Id be better off using onboard IDE ports????... hell I'm confused now.

    the card is Promise TX2 Ultra ATA-133, btw.
  8. stuy_b

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    Thanks.. but Im still abit confused!

    My motherboard supports ATA100, the Promise card ATA133.

    The Promise card has two IDE plugs, and they both support master/slave.

    From what you've written I should put one drive on each of the Prmoise ports as masters? yes?

    Then run both the CDRW & DVD from the motherboards port(IRQ14).

    But what I dont get is how can that promise card suport two masters, when its only using 1 IRQ port (IRQ15)????

    Yes I have ATA133 cables.
  9. stuy_b

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    OK.. I'll have a play!! lol ;)

    Thanks for your advice catch23.
  10. Gouk

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    Both of my Hard Drives are running @ Ultra DMA Mode 5 and both DVD and CDRW drives are running @ Ultra DMA Mode 2.

    Does that sound right?