[Advice] Looking at Hyundai L90D+ 19" LCD

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    I've been looking at LCDs for close to 2 years, and they have finally dropped down to prices that I can start to get excited about. I've looked at Samsung and Sony monitors mostly, but Sony's prices are still (always) high and I've not been impressed by the specs of the Samsungs in my price range. Last year I was looking at 17" LCDs for around $350, and now I'm looking at a 19" for the same.

    Newegg listing: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16824179014

    Screen Size 19"
    Display Type SXGA
    Maximum Resolution 1280x1024
    Viewing Angle 150°(H) / 135°(V)
    Pixel Pitch 0.294mm
    Display Colours 16.7 Million
    Brightness 300 cd/m2
    Contrast Ratio 700:1
    Response Time 8ms
    Horizontal Fresh Rate 31kHz ~ 80 kHz
    Vertical Fresh Rate 56 ~ 75 Hz
    Input Video Compatibility R.G.B Analog, Digital Signal

    I was impressed by the contrast ratio and response time for the price ($349.99), plus it's silver so it will match my G5. :D DVI is also a necessary feature, which this monitor has. The only thing from the specs that catches my eye is the 1280x1024 max resolution. I have a 19" CRT now, and I use that resolution, but I'm wondering if I'd like the ability to go higher?

    Again, the price is excellent, so I was afraid it would be too good to be true. It did get an average of 5 eggs (out of 5) from 209 reviews on Newegg, but I also checked out Tom's Hardware for a review, and it had great things to say. The 8ms response time was proven to be a bit exaggerated, but what else is new? :p I'm not a gamer anyway so 8ms is not that necessary.

    I just wanted to get some general feedback on this since it's the first one I'm seriously looking at purchasing. :)

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    the specs seem to be good. never tryed that type of LCD so not sure on quality from them but it seems to be good. and some good reviews also.

    check out the warranty on the monitor and make sure that it will cover the back light for the full time. a lot dont do that and that is the most common part to fail
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    Interesting. It's got a 3-year warranty but I have no idea if that is covered. I'll look into it. :)

    It doesn't specifically mention the back light, and the only thing it might be able to fall under is "quality degradation resulting from normal usage."
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