Advanced XP Pro Books?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by nytrinzix, Feb 10, 2002.

  1. nytrinzix

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    Are there any (available) books for advanced configuration of XP?

    For example: (excerpt from a single chapter of an XP book)

    Part IV: Advanced Techniques and Troubleshooting
    Chapter 24: HTML and VBScript
    Chapter 25: DHTML and VBScript
    Chapter 26: VBScript and Windows XP Professional
    Chapter 27: The Windows Scripting Host
    Chapter 28: Installing and Supporting New Hardware
    Chapter 29: Fixing Windows XP Professional When It Breaks
    Chapter 30: Understanding and Using the Registry
    Chapter 31: Administrative and Diagnostic Tools
    Chapter 32: Additional Customization Options
    Chapter 33: Advanced Troubleshooting Methodology

    I'd like a book that goes in depth on just these areas. Thanks.
  2. Lactic.Acid

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    Well, generally your Chapters 24-26 have nothing to do with a specific can find TONS of HTML/VBS/DHTML references online...for VBS related to XP, start with the MS knowledgebase and go from there. Same thing for the Windows Scripting Host. I'm not sure though if WSH is even supported in XP. Haven't tried to use it yet...The other stuff you may have to wait until XP has major problems to report on...otherwise, any 2k and/or 9x troubleshooting book that covers these topics should suffice.
  3. nytrinzix

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    XP should support WSH since this excerpt is from from a "Mastering Windows XP" book. Then again I havn't bought it yet :)

    Yea I probably should wait till at least the 2nd quarter of this year for more books to be released as not many people have as yet delved deep into XP.
  4. max

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    Heres a couple of books :

    They are free but they are very good

    Links for download are in the attachment below :)

    NOTE : the .pdf can be downloaded , just enter the URL into your download manager - 11MB