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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by theone1, Jul 29, 2002.

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    how could i share my adsl connection with someone around 700ft away,he's on the 2nd floor and i am on the 5th.also,he's on Windows ME.
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    You can try a wireless network.
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    You can buy two wireless transmitters and a wireless router and then you can network between the two computers and also share the adsl connection. But I'm not so good in network problems, so I hope someone can back me up.
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    back him up,someone!!!maybe a little more detail?would it work that far?? JJB6486!!!!
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    Wireless only works well up until about 150 ft away. You would need to run a network cable down to the other floor.

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    hes in a different building!!
  8. Zedric

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    700ft is too much for a single CAT5 cable as well. At least for 100Mbit (not sure about 10Mbit). If you use directed antennas for the wireless you could get the range up quite a bit, right? Even 700ft perhaps?
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    The specs for a single run (without a repeater) of CAT5 UTP is 100 metres, and there is a margin for error.. that is at 10 or 100mbit. I think you can go a little further using coax.
    However a repeater is very cheap.

    Since you are in different buildings, I would go for a more high powered wireless device.. theres a few different types, but I don't know much about them.
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    haha! if you 2 live on the same block but diff. building, just get a 700ft cable and extend it to his place. extend the cables over on the roof. i know someone did that b4, plus thats the only option you got.
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    why does he not just get his own connection?

    save you the trouble...
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    wireless connections can easily be accessed by others, keep that in mind.
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  14. it's gona be cheaper just to get your self a dsl account then to share one.
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    And even a cable is supposed to start loosing strength after 45ft.