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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Elux, Mar 15, 2003.

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    Hi Guys

    Recently dumped the usb broadband modem and fitted a modem router, have 3 PCs using Win XP networked on it, all 3 connect to the net no probs, all 3 work ok on the LAN until I enable the XP firewall then I can still see all connections to the LAN but am denied access to them, I thought the Firewalling was to protect against intrusion from the net not from the computers on the LAN?. Am I missing something obvious.

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    I dont think you need the XP firewall since most routers have thier own built-in one.
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    Disable XP firewall and use a commercial software firewall like ZoneAlarm, Sygate or Kerio.

    What make/model of ADSL router do you have? It may not come with protection (normally NAT) as stated above, even if it does its nice to keep a software firewall in place to montior outbound traffic.

    If you want to keep XP's firewall you will need to setup some more rules to get it to work correctly it blocks file sharing in its default mode.
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    Firewalls protect against all access to the computer they are installed on! You need to open up access to your LAN computers. (don't know how to do this on XP firewall, its a piece of cake on
    zone alarm, which is free).

    It will be something like making the LAN a trusted zone. Search help for firewall, trusted etc. Or download the free zonealarm and ditch the twitch M$ stuff.
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    Thanks All

    off out for a few beers now, will get on it tomorrow using the info you provided. will keep ypu posted.

    thanks again
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    as long as you keep your antivirus software right up-to-date, and you dont have ports mapped un-necessarily, then you shouldnt actually need a firewall.

    the only benefits you'd gain from a firewall is stopping things going out TO the internet... the router stops anything from getting in FROM the internet.

    since i installed a router at home, I've stopped using the firewalls as theres no use for it. I run Norton 2003 which is always up-to-date