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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dracken1, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. dracken1

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    i am running xp pro i am the only user.
    but how do i tell it to allow me into the registry
    as somethings i cant use because the administrator wont allow it.

    please help i'm slowly going mad and am starting to look at my old 98 disc.
  2. Folci

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    log off

    i may be confused as to what your asking but. try loging off then back on as administrator with no password(if you didn't give it one or rename the admin account) and i mean log off not reboot or restart. hope this helps
  3. dracken1

    dracken1 Guest

    i'll try to explain a little better

    i did give a admin password
    but when i start up all i have is my user name option
    so how do i log on as the adminstrator
    as i dont see the option

    sorry for the vagueness but i specialise in the hardware side i'm lost when it comes to software
  4. iamtaylormade

    iamtaylormade One Step from The Edge

    In A Quandary
    clt+alt+del at login

    When you are at the login screen, do you see the logon icon(s) or do you use clt+alt+del (nt style login). If you are seeing icon(s), probably just one with you name, then press and hold clt+alt+del until the NT style login box appears. Then type in "Administrator" (w/out quotes) in the user name and the password you gave during the intall proceedure. If none given then leave blank as Folci explained. You can change this login proceedure once inside, if you want to use the NT style everytime.
  5. Outback2k1

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    Log on as the Admin and then change your personal login's permission to Administrator aswell...that's what I do.