Adding updates to an Xp ISO

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tech_Junkie, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. Tech_Junkie

    Tech_Junkie Guest

    I'm trying to find info on how to add updates to an XP iso, I have XP Pro, and I want to get this figured out before Service Pack 1 comes out. I created an ISO of my disk, found a few programs that'll let me go into the ISO and use it as if it were a folder, now all I need is to figure out which folder to add the update to, I know there is a way, I made one for 2000 and service pack 2, but I have lost those instructions and it may not be the same with XP. Any ideas or info links would be great.
  2. MiseryQ

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    I normaly extract the ISO, modify it, then repack it...
  3. Tech_Junkie

    Tech_Junkie Guest

    By using Microsofts VCD program or WinISO you can modify the iso itself, saves a few steps. What I need to know is where to add the update, what folder?