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  1. David_L6

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    Want to add 2 X 512MB's to a system that currently has 2 X 256MB's. Does it matter which slots the larger DIMMS are in? i.e. Do I just add the 512's to the 2 available slots or should I install the 512's in the slots the 256's are currently in and move the 256's to the other 2 slots?

    System is a Dell 8300 - P4 2.8GHz, DDR PC-3200 RAM.
  2. sindustrial777

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    Really shouldn't matter. I also had 2 256's and got 2 512's and I just put them in the avalible slots, works fine :)
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  3. LeeJend

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    Check the timing on the new vs old sticks. If the new ones have better timing you might want to just remove the old sticks. I did not see a big difference bewteen 1 gig and 1.5 gig on my machine so I just use the 2 faster sticks.
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  4. David_L6

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    Thanks guys. I'm doing this for a friend. (I have 2 X 1GB sticks in my own computer.) I wasn't sure if it made a difference or not with P4 processors. I've seen posts about it being better to use 2 sticks rather than 4 but those posts were referring to machines with AMD processors.
  5. greggustin

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    actually - it DOES matter
    I am a newbie in this area and I did alot of research
    and found out that I had installed mine incorrectly
    it make a hhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuge difference on performance if you use the right slots

    need to determine you mother board
    track it down on the net
    and look it up
    ie what stick goes where

    hmmm . . .
    you might wonder what a 'wrong' install did to me?
    even though XP SAW all the memory
    it cut it to single channel
    I rearranged my sticks and got dual channel
  6. Mainframeguy

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    channels are usually colour coded on mobos - so you probably do not need to look it up, but since it is counter intuitive you need to be aware....

    For dual channel operation put matching sticks in opposite channels - IE one of your 512 sticks in green and the other in purple and ditto for the 256 sticks.... also be aware all sticks run at slowest timing - like Leejend said.
  7. greggustin

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    I am far from an expert in this area
    but I think you got it backwards
    plus -= my mobo is not color coded
    and even the manufacturer (gateway) did not know what I should do
    they said "it did not matter" - they were WRONG
    I found the board serial # etched - did a google - found the intel docs
    and read it over and over till I understood it
    then to test my research
    I did it wrong
    guess what?
    wrong = single channel ops
    correct = dual channel
    and the performance was notable
    again - imho - juts look up your own mobo model number
  8. LordOfLA

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    if you have matched ram and you intend to use dual chanel mode, you need one of your pair in one channel and the other of the pair in the other channel.

    Single channel - just plug them in any way you please.