added RAM and now my sound quality has changed

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by georgejr, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. georgejr

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    I added 512 MB DDR RAM and after installation my sound has changed somewhat. Things aren't as clear or as apparent as they were before in the songs. My settings have remained the same as far as I can tell...what can I do besides tweak my audio?
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    Need more info about your sound card (if you have one). What make, model, driver, etc. Any other changes? What did you have before?
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    this should do it!

    this should do it, i had kinda the same problem after installing the audio driver updates. go to control panel then sound and audio devices on speaker settings click on advanced and chose the type of speakers that you have. i have two speakers and they were set to 5.1 surround sound after i installed the updates, hope thats ur problem
  4. georgejr

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    My speaker settings have not changed and my audio presets on Winamp are the same. The sound literally was different immediately after a simple RAM install. The bass is more prevelant and certain parts of the song are faded into the background moreso than before. I am running a SoundMAx soundcard that came with my system. Dell 1.7G, 100GB, 768MB DDR RAM.
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    take the ram back out and make sure you aren't imagining things. if you aren't after you do this the ram might not be entirly compatible with your system or it may not be anygood and you should take it back for another stick.