Adaptec and XP Pro.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Herkalees, Apr 12, 2002.

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    I currently use the CD burning ability built into XP Pro for backup purposes onto a CD-RW. In the past I had Adaptec Easy CD Creator installed on this machine, but found that the buring ability built into XP is fine for me. So being the anal person I am, I uninstalled Easy CD Creator. No problems to report but I am finally getting to my question:

    Does the CD burning feature built into XP use anything from Adaptec? What I'm getting to is; since I don't use Easy CD Creator anymore, should I have/need any files or drivers on my PC from Adaptec? I am wondering if I never installed Easy CD Creator in the first place, does Microsoft use Adaptec's drivers for it's own internal burning ability? The goal I am trying to achieve is getting rid of every Adaptec file on my machine without hindering my ability to use the internal burning function built into XP.

    If it is so, and XP's built in burning function has nothing to do with anything from/by Adaptec, anyone have any idea's what Adaptec DLL's I can remove? And I assume when I try to delete the "Adaptec Shared" folder and it warns me that it may do some damage, I can still delete it?

    So for the long winded post, but I love details...
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    I vaguely remember Windows Media Player using Adaptec stuff...
    I think the internal cd writing stuff might use Adaptec tech too..

    Nero is the king tho ;)
    And CloneCD is pretty good.
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    just thought I throw my 2 cents in

    Cd Creator is now owned by Roxio. However, when it is installed, it will still create folders labled adaptec. As far as XP goes, the built in burning engine is built on software from Roxio (adaptec). You should still be ok in deleting those adaptec folders. The built in stuff is in the system folder. Just do yourself a favor and make a restore point first. (even though I highly doubt you will have to use it.) If you wanted to be a really good doobie, you should also remove any leftover stuff from cd creator from the registry.
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    That really is anal... :D...
    When you say you want to clean out anything Adaptec... Do you mean the registry also?!?

    Like mentioned The built in burning is by Roxio/Adaptec...
    The Adaptec ASPI layer isn't installed but I would'nt start manualy deleting Registry entries...

    I've found that a combo of Adaptecs new ASPI layer and Nero's "new" wnaspi32.dll works pretty damn good...