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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Herkalees, Jun 16, 2002.

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    As mentioned on today's front page, there is a new reference file available for those who use Ad-Aware. In the past as other reference files came out, I would download them, unzip the file and see a file named "reffile.awr".

    Supposedly I should have a file called "reflist.sig" as mentioned in this quote from the front page of this website (Note : To install the Updated Sig File - Put the new "reflist.sig" into "C:/Program Files/Lavasoft Ad-aware" directory.)

    Thinking it was not a big deal, in the past I've just gone and stuck the wrong file I downloaded (reffile.awr) into Ad-Aware's program directory. Then when I open up the program, I do not see the new "Signature File In Use" number...

    So does everyone else also see this "reffile.awr" when they download the updated reference file? Why am I not seeing a "reflist.sig" in the zipped package like it says in the above quote? Lastly, if the file I am getting is the right one, why am I not seeing the updated number when I load up Ad-Aware? I am 100% sure I'm putting it in the proper directory...
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    not 100% sure, but i think the .sig files were for 4.7 and the .awr are for 4.8 (or maybe the other way around)

    make sure that both adaware and refupdate are up to date, then everthing should be alright
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    I simply use Lavasoft Refupdate. I followed the instructions in the "read me" when I first used the update and now all I need do is click connect and my refupdate is downloaded and saved where it belongs!!

    I am using Ad-aware 5.82 and I just got the 029-15,06,2002 sig file this morning!

    I like it this way - as I can't even mess it up!

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    I asked if there is a way to run RefUpdate automatically. The answer is yes:

    First of all, this is how I have mine setup now:
    1) Create a shortcut of RefUpdate.exe on your desktop.
    2) Right mouse click on it and choose <Properties>.
    3) Add this string into the Target Area:
    "C:\Program Files\Lavasoft Refupdate\RefUpdate.exe" /server1 /C:\PROGRAM FILES\"LAVASOFT AD-AWARE"\
    4) Now have "Scheduled Tasks" run it automatically.

    The method I'm using is shown when you click on the link below.


    These are examples that you can create a batch file to use:

    Refupdate.exe /server3 /1:localhost:8080:anonymous:pass /"C:\Lavasoft Ad-aware"

    ;Short description:
    ;all parameters are divided by a slash
    ;Parameter 1: specify which server to use, choose from server1 to server4
    ;Parameter 2: proxy settings. all settings of this subset are divided by
    ; 1.subparameter: either 1 for proxysupport, 0 for none.
    ; enter the IP adress, or localhost
    ; 3.port:enter the port number
    ; 4.userID
    ; 5.password(it will not be displayed when it is executed)
    ; Note: you do not need to specify all parameters. example :
    /1:localhost:8080:: will work as well
    ;Parameter 3: specify in which folder you want to store the downloaded
    referencefile.(Please include the path in quotes)
    ; More examples:
    ;Refupdate.exe /server4 /1:localhost:8080:anonymous:pass /"C:\Lavasoft Ad-aware\Logs"
    ;Refupdate.exe /server3 /1: /"C:\Lavasoft Ad-aware"
    ;Refupdate.exe /server2 /1: /"C:\Lavasoft Ad-aware"
    ;Refupdate.exe /server1 /1:localhost:17:anonymous:pass /"C:\logs"