Active x not working

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by steveklebs, Jan 6, 2002.

  1. steveklebs

    steveklebs Guest

    Whenever I try to open a page which uses active x controls (including the microsoft update page) it tells me the following

    however, I have put the security settings on the lowest, I have enabled ALL scripting and everything else possible, I have no firewall running...

    Any help would be greatly apreciated!
  2. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    have you recently disabled any services in your services menu? I know there are a few that need to be active or els winupdate will give you that error
  3. steveklebs

    steveklebs Guest

    I dont believe so.... can you tell me where the service menu is? I am getting this error when any page tries to access the Active X controls
  4. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    now has this problem started recently? or did you just install xp and this is happening?
  5. steveklebs

    steveklebs Guest

    It has been since I installed XP (Professional)
  6. UniSol

    UniSol I'm all ears

    Active X and Java dont seem to work here, PASIWORLD has gone down the swanny! :mad:
  7. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    if this has been a prob since install I can't even guess what is wrong, you could try downloading the winupdates manually but that is just a workaround not a solve...might try a clean xp, sucks but fixes most things heheh
  8. KLoWn

    KLoWn Guest

    Try This (All i can think of):
    Goto My Computer
    Right Click on C:
    Select properties
    click on tools tab
    select error checking
    tell it to fix errors
    then you will have to reboot to do error checking
    make sure you have something to do for the next hour cuzz it is slow as ****.

    This is all i know to do...
  9. steveklebs

    steveklebs Guest

    I just did the error checking, and I still have the same problem. Do you think I will be able to contact Microsoft for free? I do not feel like paying $40 for something which is thier fault!