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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Tinman, Jul 14, 2005.

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    I have a question, I have just spent days on trying to fix a problem , but I was trying to fix the wrong problem.

    Active destop script by Matt:
    <a onClick="exec('sol.vbs'); return false;" href="java script:void(0)">Launch Solitare</a>
    I am using Xara's webstyle4 to generate a navbar for me.I have a "url" field and a "target" field to work with.the only way I can get a little bit of result is if Itype in the url field "javascript:exec('sol.vbs') target="_self"But that doesn't work properly, and I don't know how to enter the rest of Matt's line into my URL field.I usually just use a function and then tupejavascript:fullwin('music.htm') for webstyle's nav bar "url" field.Can anyone help me with this please?Thank you so much,Ryan
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    The URL field is probably equal to HREF=

    Can you manually edit the file this webstyle4 creates? If so you can add the onClick statement in yourself.

    Also, have you tested this inside IE. Usually a good way to debug any issues.
  3. Tinman

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    I can manually edit the .js file, which I used to be able to do because earlier version, the JS was a lot more simple.
    This version is over my head.
    I also always try it in IE first before seeing if it works in active desktop.

    If it's not an easy fix, I do not wish to take up any of your time,
    I only used the nav bar program because I thought it would save me the time of writing one, it turns out it's been my biggest headache.
    I have also tried to find the answer in Xara's help forum with no avail.

    Here's a cpl lines from the .js file:
    if(typeof(loc)=="undefined"||loc==""){var loc="";if(document.body&&document.body.innerHTML){var tt=document.body.innerHTML;var ml=tt.match(/["']([^'"]*)menu_.js["']/i);if(ml && ml.length > 1) loc=ml[1];}}


    submenuItem("Summer tunes",loc+"file:///C:/Personal/My Playlists/Playlist1.wpl","","menu__plain");

    these lines work.

    I have spent this evening trying to figure out how to insert your href in there, with no luck I am afraid.

    one last thought, is there a way to write this line in question, as a js function?
    then i could just have the navbar call the function in the URL field.?

    Thanks for your interest.
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