acpi yes or no HELP!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by da rock, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. da rock

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    i really would like to know if i should enable acpi when i install
    xp on my new sys. i have onboard lan so the only cards i'll have
    are my agp video and my sound card , i just don' t know if i want
    the sharing the same irq . please, i need some advice on this asap
    thanks in advance !
  2. Big B

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    The IRQ sharing is not a problem most of the time (99%). I'd recommend leaving ACPI the way XP sets it up.

    The reason IRQ's are shared is to make a ton of virtual IRQ's, so to speak, but the current hardware limitations have it appear that a bunch of them are on the same IRQ.

    As long as you're not having problems, you can leave ACPI on.
    ACPI helps keep that CPU cooler too.

    IRQ sharing is not a problem. Leave ACPI the way it is when Windows is installed. Only change it as a last resort to reinstalling Windows.