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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dory, Feb 18, 2002.

  1. Dory

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    You know when you either put in a CD or attach a digital camera or anything that is external a menu pops up telling you what is in there and what your options are for it and which do you want?

    WELL I'll choose my option but it wont open whatever it is....

    and I REALLY hope that everyone understood that.:confused:
  2. DrX

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    huh ?

  3. Dory

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    hmm... ok... let me try to re-explain.

    You know when you put a DVD into your computer, a box will pop up with different options on what to do with it.. like
    1. play with powerdvd
    2. view folder contents
    3. do nothing

    well i'll chose one and it wont open anything for me.
  4. Helmer

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    Try to choose: Do nothing and then open whatever application you wish to use manually, then from the application open the file from the cd - hope it helps :)

    oh and.. there is a Tech Support forum :p
  5. stuy_b

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    :D i think I know what you mean!..

    Heres what I did..

    1st - eject any CDs in your drives
    2nd - open my computer and right click on the CD-ROM drive icon.
    3rd - select autorun tab..i fink its called autorun..could be somefink simillar!
    4th - go through each option selecting what you want to happen for each type of CD-ROM inserted.
    5th - reboot

    Now the settings should be stored forever!!

  6. Lukas

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    you can customize the autorun features with TweakUI if I'm not mistaken...